"Works for strings guitars and piano"
This project was recorded in 2002 and is a collection of chamber music composed and arranged by Ed. These recordings were engineered and mixed by Kevin Nelson. The recordings took place at White's Music's previous address, on North Washington St., North Attleboro.

The musicians are:
Daniela Rubinstein-Violin
David Rubinstein-Viola
John Mason-Guitar
Kyle Laramore - Guitar
Steve Marchena-Guitar
David Newsam-Guitar
Kerry Cordell-Piano

The Tracks

1. prelude
2. duet for piano and violin
3. second
4. third
5. theme
6. guitar trio
7. second
8. trio for violin, viola and guitar
9. second
10. third (dance)
11. fourth
12. three guitars and piano

Ed's compositions also appear on CDs by the Back Bay Guitar Trio.
Other collaborations with the BBGT include arranging German Lieder for guitar trio and soprano.

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